Public Health is looking forward to allowing schools to resume music classes.

On Friday the Department of Education announced that singing and playing wind instruments in a school would be allowed. Dr. Brent Roussin says resuming band classes is a benefit, but there is a risk of COVID-19 infection.

"We know our education partners have done a tremendous job right now reducing the risk of transmission in those settings and so this is here that balance now falls on getting back to this."

While it is an activity many many are looking forward to, Roussin is asking musicians to be cautious.

"It goes again, along with that message, that everyone should take part in these activities in an informed matter."

Roussin says is one person in a band class tests positive for COVID-19, everyone else in the space and those people's families will need to isolate for two weeks. 

"Over time we have seen our case numbers come down, certainly where we were in November and December, and the is always that balance between the benefit of an activity and the risk.

Schools are exempt from the Public Health Orders and have their own guidelines, but the majority of schools opted to pause traditional music classes.

The Department of Education is asking those

Professional musical groups such as the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra have been permitted to practice together in person with rehearsals closed to the public.