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Too often I see people leaving their future income to chance.

They wish upon a star that their employer pension will be enough
that their income from Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security will suffice
that the $5,000 they dumped into a Mutual Fund 20 years ago has magically grown to the $500,000 they actually need. 

Unfortunately, most of these people end up disappointed and lose their financial freedom as they enter their 'retirement' years. 

If you can relate to these scenarios I urge you not to leave your future income to chance. 

Do your part now. Your age and income level do not matter. Now is the best time to take your vision of the future, and start creating it. Start saving, build margin and prepare for your vision of a joyful and purposeful life. 

If you're 30 years from that vision, start small. But start. Create a habit of setting money aside every month that you can continue long term. The earlier you start the less you need to set aside, as compound interest will have a longer time to work for you and grow your money. Meeting with an advisor can help you increase your rate of returns. 

If you're 15 years from that vision, meet with an advisor and build a plan so you know how to reach your vision and what you need to do to get you there, rather than finding out a year before you want to retire that you won't be able too, or you'll have to cut your income in half. 

If you're 3 years from that vision, meet with an advisor and figure out how to most effectively use the money you've saved to make it last and suit your life in the best way possible. 

Hey, maybe you've already been saving, and have a decent-sized pool of money. Is it working for you? Are you doing all the heavy lifting or is your money earning competitive interest rates and growing? Do you know if your pool is enough to last as long as you need it? 

Where ever you find yourself on the journey to 'retirement', don't leave your future income to chance.

If you need to start or get better at building your future finances, or even if you just want a clearer plan, these 3 steps will help: 

  1. Envision your destination. 
    • Your destination will change as you go, but having a direction will help you get started and stay committed. 
  2. Put money toward that destination.
    • You will not have enough if you do not save for yourself. 
  3. Use a Guide for your journey.
    • A skilled Financial Advisor can help you set a course of action and help you effectively grow your money.

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