Agape Table is in search of a new home.

The All Saints Anglican Church, which currently houses Agape Table, has decided to move in a new direction.

They plan to tear down the area that Agape Table uses to feed 350 plus people every morning, and turn it into a mixed rental apartment complex.

Dave Feniuk, General Manager of Agape Table, says the hunt for a new space is already underway.

"I've got an amazing board of directors that is actively looking. We've got the help of the All Saints Church themselves, also helping us search for a new place. We've been an institution in the West Broadway area for 38 years, so we are trying to find something in this area."

They already have a few places in mind, but nothing is tentative or concrete at this time.

"Ideally, I'd love a commercial kitchen. Right now we are serving upwards of 350 to 450 people every morning, but as long as it has an eating hall where we can sit 75-90 guests at a time, a kitchen where we can manage things and storage for our freezers, we will make do for the time being."

The goal is to stay relatively close to their current location.

"About 80 percent of our guests are between Memorial Boulevard and Sherbrook Street,  and Portage Avenue to Westminster."

The last day for Agape Table at 175 Colony street will be February 28th. Anyone with a lead on a space that may work for Agape Table is encouraged to call 204-783-6369.