The Christian community in Sri Lanka is still struggling to understand and respond to the attacks that took place on April 21.

ADF International reports that Christians remain grieving and devastated in wake of the Easter terrorist acts.

"We struggle to respond to the needs of the survivors. We feel shocked and numb as we pray for a return to normal life. Our churches remain closed because we are afraid of further attacks and violence. This evil was not an attack against the western world but against Christianity and its believers. It was made against our freedom to believe,” said Yogarajah Godfrey, an ADF ally in Sri Lanka.

"Christians in Sri Lanka and beyond need more than meek condolences." -Paul Coleman

The organization, which focuses on faith-based legal advocacy, released information stating that many churches in the country will remain closed over the coming weekend as a response to "continuous threats of violence."

"The plight of the Christian community in Sri Lanka is indescribable," shared Tehmina Arora, Senior Counsel for ADF International, South Asia. "We urge the local authorities to stand by them and grant them specific protection so they can continue to practice their faith freely and safely without fearing for their lives."

While Christians in Sri Lanka continue to face the events of Easter weekend, a greater response from Western society is needed says Paul Coleman, Executive Director of ADF International. Many international leaders took a moment following the attacks to express their condolences, however, have provided little acknowledgement in the days following.

“These attacks were aimed at Christians. Not expressing this is a betrayal of the victims and hinders their recovery... We cannot let Western silence on Christian persecution expose those who live in constant fear of violence simply because they choose to live out their faith. Christians in Sri Lanka and beyond need more than meek condolences."

"It is time that the international community recognizes the reality of Christian persecution worldwide," Arora echoed.