"We didn't want to make something just to make something. We wanted to make art." Winnipeg's own, Phoebe Pedrina's new single is set to be released tomorrow and has been covered in prayer. 

'Metamorphosis' is set to be released on Friday, April 19. This has been a long time in the making. "It started more than a year ago. It started with prayer when a couple of us from my church were meeting. We just had it in us that we were going to birth some songs," Pedrina says.

The newest song, 'Metamorphosis' stems from a vision that a friend had while praying for her church. It was described as, "Seeing a dry desert, it was calm and without people or any sort of life. Then, this massive head appeared on the scene and breathed life. There was an unsettling of all the dust and a reawakening." 

Pedrina says that hearing the vision inspired her to share it with other people. "It was such a visual image and 'Metamorphosis' is the visual representation of what I interpreted the vision to be."

While writing the song, Pedrina wanted to convey the message of, "A storm coming and you want to brace yourself, but knowing and having faith that where you're going is where Jesus is. You can go through all these things in life but at the end of the day, you know where you're going and you can trust that."

As 'Metamorphosis' was a team effort, Pedrina says she couldn't have done it without her church community. "It's really grown as the years have gone by and we've developed an appreciation for each other and each other's art while being founded in the Lord. I don't think that's common, it's very difficult to find others that you can write songs with because songwriting is such a vulnerable process. You're really getting to know each other in a different way."

Ahead of the release of the single, there have been many moving parts, including the song artwork, which is a butterfly. "The concept of metamorphosis is often associated with caterpillars turning into butterflies, so that was the general idea for it. But the art has all three stages of metamorphosis. There's a caterpillar, a cocoon, and then the butterfly. The inspiration was butterflies that are common in the desert because the vision came from the imagery of a desert."   

After hearing the song, Pedrina hopes that people will "Listen to it and see what part speaks to your life right now. It can mean different things to us at different times in our lives. For this one, I want you to take a piece from it in whatever way that the Lord is moving in your life, but knowing that our faith in Him can be constant and it can be really reassuring no matter where we're at in life."

Though Pedrina admits this song almost wrote itself, not every song does. "It's rarely ever like that but I think that's part of the beauty in this song. It ended up being, it just is. It came out so easily. You just know when something's right and makes sense."

You can pre-save the song on Spotify here.