Pastor, author, and theologian Timothy Keller says that while he still has cancer, recent scans have shown "a significant decrease in size and number of tumours."

Keller first announced he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2020, saying at the time he wasn't sick and was without symptoms. "It was what doctors call an 'incidental pickup,' otherwise known as providential intervention," Keller said in his announcement.

Now, eight months later, Keller released an update, saying, "By giving you an update, I want to honour God and the many who have so faithfully prayed for me during my treatment for pancreatic cancer that began last May, 2020."

He says he underwent 14 rounds of chemotherapy, "and have had relatively mild side effects, although the neuropathy in my hands and feet increased over time. I’m hoping that will start to improve now that I have been downshifted to a less aggressive (and physically damaging) chemotherapy."

Over the course of the last year Keller has undergone three CT scans, in August, November, and then last Monday. "The first two scans each showed a significant decrease in size and number of tumours. The February scan also showed that in an area that had previously had numerous nodules there are now none visible," Keller says.

"I still have cancer, but this is excellent news so we are rejoicing that God has worked through your prayers and chemotherapy to accomplish so much. What the future holds I do not know, but we will continue to trust His plan and allow Him to shepherd us along his chosen path."