While their are no water level concerns in Winnipeg, the City encourages residents and businesses to use drinking water wisely after Pembina Valley announces a water shortage.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Pembina Valley Water Co-op has asked the public to avoid using water unnecessarily.

A shortage has fallen on the Letellier water treatment plant due to warm weather and sprayer season.

To conserve water, Jake Fehr of the Pembina Valley Water Co-op recommends not washing vehicles, filling pools, watering gardens, etc.

The affected locations include the R.M. of Montcalm, the Municipality of Rhineland, the R.M. of Stanley, the Municipality of Emerson-Frankling, Town of Altona and City of Winkler.

Until water levels can increase with rainfall, the situation will be evaluated on a daily basis. Residents are not permitted to water their lawns until then.

For gardens and flower beds, residents with even house numbers are asked to water on even days. Odd numbered houses are asked to water on odd days.

According to the City of Winnipeg, residents and businesses have done a great job conserving water. The amount of water supplied in 2015 was 35% less than water supplied in 1990, which includes a population growth of 100,000 people.