A new Christian artist, Kevin Quinn, is releasing a music video that gives a playful tribute to a classic 80s film about a bunch of misfits. 

Quinn is releasing a music video for his single 'It's About Time' giving props to his favourite movie, The Breakfast Club.

"This song serves as a reminder that life is equally fragile as it is beautiful, and we should never take a single day for granted," says Quinn in a recent interview with The Christian Beat

The video offers a 21st century take on teenage comradery during detention. 

"I hope the fans fall in love with the music video, as well as our little nod to those universal themes in The Breakfast Club.”

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The director of the music video, Roman White, shares that this video and song are about more than just fun and games. 

"I thought it would be fun to create an homage video that spoke to the teens of today, and spoke to how time is so incredibly important in building relationships and TRULY seeing each other,” says White.