Sporting a simplified name, MŌRIAH is sharing a fresh and vulnerable new single for fans. 

"I've moved into this new season of music slowly. Carefully. Because art cannot be forced, pushed or bullied. It's a be both received and given," says MŌRIAH on Facebook. 

The new single 'Known, Seen, Loved' was released on September 17. It is part of her upcoming EP as well as a visual album Live from the Quarry, set to be released on October 29. 

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"I'm so excited to share what my sweet team and I have been working on in an a LIVE setting--outdoors, surrounded by sky, water and stone at Graystone Quarry!"

This will be her third album, with I Choose Jesus released in 2012 and Brave released in 2014. Her first two albums were published with her maiden name, Peters. In 2013, she married Joel Smallbone of For King & Country. While she's taken on the Smallbone last name for her social media, musically she's simply going by MŌRIAH.

"Like a lot of people, my thoughts took me to a dark place while in quarantine," says MŌRIAH in an interview with The Christian Beat. "In my anger, I prayed for justice. In my heartache, I prayed to overpower. I thought if I could get answers, I would feel better. I couldn’t and I didn’t. The only thing that helped me feel at all was the thought that I am known, seen and loved by God even in my bitterness and my unresolved frustrations."

There are three songs on the EP, and the last is a collaboration with her husband Joel, called 'Worth.'

"This entire EP is a celebration of being known, seen, and loved,” she says.

MŌRIAH wrote and produced the entire record. She also produced and choreographed the accompanying visual album, which was shot in a quarry near Nashvile, TN.