This week in Winnipeg and southern Manitoba will include plus temperatures, which is unseasonably warm for the end of November. 

"Tonight we could see some temperatures which are already above normal, minus eight," says Natalie Hasell, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. "Then we see much warmer temperatures coming up in the week."

Tomorrow has a high of zero degrees, Thursday sees a high of plus two, and Friday could be as warm as plus four. 

"It's not a record-breaking temperature but it is still quite warm for this time of year."

The driving conditions could be hazardous with the overnight freezing temperatures. 

"This freeze/thaw cycle can make road conditions particularly difficult. First, it will be sloppy so windshield wiper fluid is a must. Temperatures below zero overnight mean that whatever melted can freeze. This could lead to poor driving conditions as well."

Next week southern Manitoba will have regular end-of-fall temperatures once more.