Spring temperatures are melting the ice and snow across Manitoba, but that means it's time to stay off formerly frozen lakes and rivers.

The Manitoba Lifesaving Society says that the above average and fluctuating temperatures have made all ice in the province now unpredictable and potentially unsafe.

"If you do choose to go on the ice, then you need to plan ahead and be prepared to go through the ice and into cold water," says Lifesaving Society Water Smart Coordinator Christopher Love.

Love recommends wearing a floatation device, such as a lifejacket, over your winter clothes if you are planning to head out on the ice.

He also recommends not venturing out onto uncertain ice alone and being prepared to act in a rescue situation.

Ice safety thickness cards by Lifesaving Society Manitoba are now available in nine languages and contain information about the necessary thickness of ice to be safely walked or driven on.

No ice, however, should be considered without risk.

Lifesaving Society Manitoba.A new colouring and activity book by Lifesaving Society Manitoba aims to educate children about winter ice safety. (Lifesaving Society Manitoba)

The Lifesaving Society has also created a new activity book themed around ice fishing and winter ice activities to promote safe actions on and around ice in the winter. The book includes word searches, puzzles, colouring and quizzes.