Classes have resumed at the University of Winnipeg after the post-secondary institution fell victim to a cyber attack. 

On Monday, the U of W cancelled classes due to a service outage on campus that left key systems used by students, faculty, and staff on campus, including campus Wi-Fi and classroom technology resources, unavailable. 

On Tuesday, the University announced that the service outage was related to a cyber incident that was discovered on Sunday, March 24.

"Upon discovering the incident, the University took immediate steps to secure its network, which included making a variety of services unavailable," said the U of W in a statement online. "We appreciate that this incident raises concerns within our campus community, and we will continue to share updates as more information becomes available. We are working with expert partners to resolve the incident and have reported it to the authorities."

A temporary Wi-Fi network was set up to allow classes to resume on Tuesday. 

The U of W is now in the process of restoring the interrupted services, investigating the incident, and better understanding its impact.