Many University of Manitoba (UM) students will not be logging or walking into their classes Tuesday morning.

The University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) says after reaching an impasse with UM about wages they will be taking to the picket line.

“Students know that faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. It is disappointing that the University administration did not want to exercise its independence from the provincial government and provide stability for students by accepting our offer and avoiding a strike," UMFA President Orvie Dingwall says in a statement.

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Stop government interference in ⁦@UMFA_FAUM⁩ bargaining!
A fair deal is paws-ible!#UMFA2021

— President (@UMFAPres) October 30, 2021

They are asking for one of Heather Stefanson's first acts once sworn in as premier to reverse a wage mandate that freezes wages for public-sector employees from 2017. It has previously been struck down but was recently successfully appealed.

“New Premier Heather Stefanson has an opportunity to distance herself from the legacy of Brian Pallister by walking away from this wage mandate. We need our new premier to focus on governing the province, and not meddle with the operations of the University of Manitoba.” 

They say they are disappointed in both the provincial government's interference with wages and UM's president Michael Bennaroch for not protecting the independence of the university.

UMFA previously held a vote, agreeing to strike if they could not come to an agreement with UM's administration. 

“The University of Manitoba administration has chosen not to invest in the future of our faculty and our university, leaving us no choice except to strike."

On Tuesday morning UMFA will picket. Staff who are not part of the 1,200-person group will continue their usual work. The University of Manitoba Students Union is backing UMFA. Students with professors and instructors who are not a part of UMFA can expect to see their teachers in class.