Southern Manitoba is seeing high heat for May today while Northern Manitoba may see heavy snowfall.

"It's not unusual to get these temperatures in May from time to time," says Kyle Ziolkowski. 

Ziolkowski is an Operational Meteorologist with Environment Canada. 

"We just want to let the people know about the heat. It's the first 30 degrees two days in a row for the first time in the year. The overnight lows are also staying quite warm."

On May 17 Winnipeg saw a high of 31 degrees, which wasn't a record. On May 18 the overnight low in the province's capital was only 16. 

"We're not quite reaching our heat warning criteria, even though it's a dry heat. It's just letting people know to be aware, take precautions, and drink lots of water," says Ziolkowski.

Northern Manitoba is expected to see something entirely different. 

"There's actually quite the temperature gradient as you go from North to South throughout the province. Today in Northern Manitoba they're looking at some heavy snowfall and going into tonight anywhere from 5-15 cm of snowfall into the Churchill regions. There are some freezing rain warnings out for the Lynn Lake region."

In only a couple hundred kilometre's in the middle of Manitoba, temperatures ranging between 6 and 16 degrees. 

As far as farmers are concerned this spring, the ground has been very dry. This has also perpetuated some forest fires in Southern Manitoba, to which the province announced a fire ban on Thursday, May 13. However, that is likely to change over the next few days into the May long weekend. 

"There are going to be some different rounds of showers that will come through starting tomorrow. Spotty in nature but a more organized system will work its way into Southern Manitoba Sunday into Monday."