With outdoor aquatic facilities shut down for the season, Winnipeg citizens are gearing up for public skating to open up throughout the city.

Some public skating rinks have already opened up for the winter season, meanwhile, others are still waiting for their opening date to welcome visitors into their facilities.

Here is the schedule for Winnipeg's arenas:

Bertrand Arena (294 Bertrand Street): Tuesday, 6:45–7:45 pm, Sept 27–Dec 13; Saturday, 2–3 pm, Oct 1–Dec 17.

Billy Mosieko (709 Keewatin Street): Sunday, 4–5 pm, Sept 18–Dec 18; Thursday, 5:30–6:30 pm, Sept 22–Dec 15.

Century Arena (1377 Clarence Avenue): Monday, 7:15–8:15 pm, Oct 17–Dec 12.

Charlie Gardiner (799 Logan Avenue): Saturday, 12:30–1:30 pm, Oct 1–Dec 17.

Eric Coy (535 Oakdale Drive): Sunday, 2:15–3:15 pm, Sept 25–Dec 18; Wednesday, 6:45–7:45 pm, Sept 28–Dec 14.

Maginot Arena (910 Maginot Street): Thursday, 6:30–7:30 pm, Sept 29–Dec 15.

River East Arena (1410 Rothesay Street): Friday, 5:45–6:45 pm, Oct 7–Dec 16; Cancelled Friday, Nov 11.

Sam Southern Arena (625 Osborne Street): Sunday, 3–4 pm, Sept 18–Dec 18.

Sargent Park Arena (1111 Wall Street): Sunday, Noon–1 pm, Oct 2–Dec 18.

St. James Civic Centre - Ab McDonald Arena (2055 Ness Avenue): Monday, 11 am–Noon, Sept 26–Dec 19; Saturday, 2:15–3:15 pm, Oct 1–Dec 17.

St. Vital Centennial Arena (580 St. Anne's Road): Sunday, 12:30–1:30 pm, Sept 25–Dec 11.

Terry Sawchuck Arena (901 Kimberly Street): Saturday, 11:45 am–12:45 pm, Oct 1–Dec 17.

Transcona East Community Centre Arena (517 Pandora Avenue East): Sunday, 1:30–2:30 pm, Sept 25–Dec 11; Saturday, 6:30–7:30 pm, Oct 1–Dec 17.

The arenas are welcome to everyone in the community. The City of Winnipeg also reminds visitors of the rules of public skating:

  • We reserve the right to limit the number of skaters on the ice at one time.
  • Skate only in the direction set by skate patrol.
  • No food or drinks are allowed on the ice.
  • Training bars are to remain in the beginners’ area (note: no training bars provided).
  • Strollers, sleighs, hockey sticks and footwear (other than skates) are NOT allowed on the ice surface.
  • No throwing objects (elbow pad, gloves).
  • No piggyback skating (including parents carrying their child).
  • Penalty box, players’ benches are out of bounds.
  • No dangerous skating (i.e. tag, crack the whip, fast skating, weaving through traffic, backwards skating, spins or figure skating).
  • Cell phones are not to be used while skating, please leave the ice surface if you get a call.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a CSA-approved hockey helmet and cage for all ages.

Any parents or guardians wishing to sign up their children for skating lessons can view the Leisure Guide Skating Brochure on the City's website.