Winnipeg Transit Plus will soon see some exciting new changes. 

The city announced on Tuesday that a new improved booking system will launch to all customers on Tuesday, June 18. 

The new system, developed by Canadian company Spare Labs Inc., will include a new automated phone service with voice response technology and an on-request smartphone and web app. 

"We're happy to reach this important milestone for our valued customers," said Manager of Client Services, Teresa Platt. "Our team is available and looking forward to offering support to customers as we transition to this new system."

The automated phone service will be available to all customers. However, the app will only be accessible to a select group of early adopters. The full app will not launch until Tuesday, July 9.

At the same time, Transit Plus is also introducing e-cash payments. Customers will be able to transfer funds from their Transit Plus accounts to e-cash during the launch. They can also attach a debit or credit card to their profile to pay for trips and fares. 

 "Winnipeg Transit Plus customers have been asking for a more accessible and reliable service and we've heard them loud and clear. These improvements will significantly enhance the experience for users, by removing barriers and increasing efficiency,” said Winnipeg mayor Scott Gillingham.

These new changes will allow Transit Plus to improve route planning and increase trip requests.