With warmer temperatures taking over the province, Winnipeggers will find themselves outside more and according to our listeners, here are the top three parks in the city.

Earlier this week, we posted on our social media asking the question "What is your favourite park in Winnipeg?"

We thank everyone who participated, and after tallying all the comments, direct messages and emails, here are the top three parks in Winnipeg.

3. Bunn's Creek

Located on 365 McIvor is the hidden gem called Bunn's Creek Centennial Park. It has 25.64 hectares of mowed area, naturalization and trails nestled in a creek-side residential area.

Not only that, but its trails are part of the Cool Street Winnipeg mural project and have three colourfully painted pedestrian and cycling trails.

An interesting point is that the paths take you to forks of the Red River and Bunn’s Creek.  As you look west across the Red River, you see McBeth Park and a stand of Plains cottonwood which are some of the oldest native trees still remaining in the city.


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2. Assiniboine Park

It surely shouldn't be a surprise that one of the largest parks in Winnipeg made the list, and rightfully so as the Assiniboine Park is stunning, spacious, well-kept and has a variety of attractions for visitors.

The public is welcome to explore the animal kingdom at the Assiniboine Park Zoo; experience the wonders of plants at The Leaf, journey through the winding paths outdoors in the English Garden; let loose at the Nature Playground; admire art in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and the Pavilion.

There is also plenty of outdoor programming throughout the summer that visitors can take part in.

1. Kildonan Park

It was a close competition between this one and Assiniboine Park, but it was the beautiful Kildonan Park that's at the top spot

Located along the banks of the winding Red River, Kildonan Park features 39 hectares of open grass and 27,000 metres of pathways alongside the famous Rainbow Stage open-air theatre, numerous play structures, the Witch’s Hut, a duck pond/winter skating rink, toboggan slides, and many athletic fields.

According to Kelly Nord on Facebook, there are going to be some changes to the park's gardens.

"I was talking with the groundskeeper and there are big changes this year in the gardens. He said there is a new park superintendent for Kildonan Park, and 95 % of the gardens will be perennials, planted last fall. The first 2 or 3 rows in the front will be annuals."