This week we've heard about many people overcoming hardships and finding God in the midst. 

MissionFest hosts first online event for church leaders

At the end of October, the MissionFest team is hoping to inspire church leaders in getting their ministries up and running after the pandemic. 

"Historically MissionFest has been a yearly gathering," says Alison Wells-Dyck, a volunteer coordinator with MissionFest. It's most often held at a big church in Winnipeg over the course of three days. 

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Manitoba church inspiring others with period poverty project

Red Mailboxes are popping up outside of churches from coast to coast but what's inside of it could be life saving.

Outside of Christ Church in The Pas, Manitoba stands a tall red mailbox. Inside of it are period products. The church's leader says this is much needed, as many women cannot afford to buy it for themselves.

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Growing up Muslim, one man's life-changing encounter with Jesus

Shoaib Ebadi grew up as a Muslim in Afghanistan but his lingering question about creation always lingered in the back of his mind. 

"We saw machine guns and soldiers on the street. My school was closed. It was more than 40 years ago but since then, Afghanistan didn't see peace or prosperity."

Throughout Ebadi's schooling and on to studying law in college, he had a burning question that wouldn't go away.

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Salvation Army helps children with food from Mealshare partnership

A children's food bank program is expanding in  Portage la Prairie thanks to local help.

Mealshare has expanded its efforts in Portage la Prairie to provide food for children in need by way of another local restaurant, Mr MIKES Steakhouse Casual. As a result, the Salvation Army continues to receive funding from the program for its food bank.

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Scuba diver finds Crusader sword off of Israeli coast

A shell-encrusted sword was found this weekend, believed to be close to one thousand years old.

Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) says a man named Shlomi Katzin was scuba diving off the HaCarmel coast, in the Mediterranean Sea, when he made quite the discovery: a large sword, metal anchors, pottery, and more.

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Finding your identity and working as one church to transform the world

Arden Bevere is the youngest son of John and Lisa Bevere and the cofounder of Sons & Daughters, a movement committed to raise up a generation of uncompromising followers of Christ who will transform our world.

He has a passion to see his generation go further than any that came before it, fully alive in this God-adventure.

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Churches in the Middle East: “Many Christians continue to serve among the refugees”

Churches in Jordan and Lebanon have opened their doors to Afghan refugees, despite the crisis in their own countries.

In the last decade, the Middle East has become one of the regions hosting the largest number of displaced people in the world.

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Hearts being set free, stories of radical change across Manitoba

"Addictions is the next pandemic and we want to be there to put hope within reach of people," says one of the pastors at Adult & Teen Challenge.  

Terry Thiessen is the Lead Regional Pastor for ATC in Central Canada, which includes all their locations in Manitoba. 

"This year we decided we're having non-banquet banquets. Basically, we're doing a worship service in different communities around Manitoba," says Thiessen. 

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Yes, Wilma Derksen is alive

Knowing what she knows now, a well-known Winnipeg pastor says she still would have said yes to helping a woman after she was harassed and manipulated by her.

Wilma Derksen is confirming rumours circulating that she had died are false, saying they were made up by a woman on the other side of the globe who was upset Derksen did not want to work with her anymore. Derksen also alleges that the woman was behind many fake emails, impersonating people in the media.

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Following Jesus led to instant persecution

Facing persecution for his faith in Nigeria has prepared one Winnipeg pastor for a role in the church. 

"Officially [the church] started March 14 online," says Pastor Matthew Kassim, of Grace Embassy located at 3450 Pembina Hwy in Winnipeg. "Last week Sunday was the fifth Sunday we met in person. It was awesome and overwhelming too."

His own story is one of changing faiths, which meant immediate danger for Kassim. 

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An easy way to bless children around the world

"Don't just consider it. Just do it. It is a thrill to do it!” 

For more than 25 years Ina Reimer, from Landmark, has helped organize an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox drive. And this year, she would like to see more than 1500 Shoeboxes put together and sent out. Why?

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After 4 long years The Color releasing new album

It's been four years since The Color released an album and two years since they played in front of a live audience, and now they're back. 

"We decided we were going to do things a little bit different and include other people in the process of picking the songs," says Jordan Janzen, lead singer of The Color. "Realistically we had never written that many songs for an album before. Going into this one James and I ended up writing 60 songs in total." 

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Manitoba's state of emergency ending Thursday afternoon

After 580 days, the state of emergency is ending.

The state of emergency in Manitoba is expiring at 4 p.m. This means the province will no longer have additional powers, granted in sections 10(1) and 10(2) of the Emergency Measures Act. 

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The intentional father: A practical guide to raise sons of courage and character

Uncertain. Overwhelmed. Trying their best. This is how father’s today are feeling about raising their sons, according to research by the Barna Group.

"The research shows, sort of what we think, which is, basically 50 percent of fathers feel unprepared to help their kids move through these years in a significant way," explains author and pastor of Church of the City in New York City, Jon Tyson.

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Lead singer of Third Day releasing debut solo album

Mac Powell's iconic voice will continue to serenade fans as he steps into the limelight on his own. 

Getting their feet wet in the CCM scene in 1991, Third Day's musical career spans almost three decades. The band had their farewell tour in 2018. Since then Powell, the former lead singer, has been writing songs for this new album. 

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WATCH: Jon Buller shares hopes for first album in over a decade

Jon Buller is stepping back into the wider Christian music scene with a new album on the way. 

"I spent 12 years as the Worship Pastor at Vernon Alliance Church in BC. We had a blast as it's a worshipping church. It was an exciting time to come alive in my shepherding and realize that I love to pastor people."

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Jumping into ministry after losing a loved one

A Winnipeg woman is sharing how she got into missions work after her husband suddenly passed away.

Erlinda (Lin) Arceo is a Mission Representative and Volunteer Coordinator with Engage Today, a ministry once called Advancing Indigenous Missions (AIM). 

"In June 2016, my husband was the pastor of Living Christ Community Church, died of a heart attack when I was in the Philippians," she says.

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WATCH: Trailer released for Redeeming Love film, the retelling of Gomer and Hosea

A trailer for the highly anticipated film Redeeming Love has finally been released, and a date has been set for when the movie will hit theatres.

The movie is based on Francine Rivers' hit novel of the same name and is a retelling of the biblical story of Gomer and Hosea. The movie will hit theatres in Canada on January 21, 2022.

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How God used one man's rough patch to help millions of other men around the world

Several years ago, Jerrad Lopes and his wife, Leila, went through a rough patch in their marriage.

He was dealing with a failed church plant, and during this time, he says he was a terrible husband and father. He says he was disengaged, selfish, and on his own path.

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Red carpet conversations before the GMA Dove Awards

Before the Christian awards show took place in person for the first time in two years, the Christian artists and their guests walked the red carpet.

The Christian Beat was there interviewing singers/songwriters about the past year and upcoming music projects. 

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