This week we saw a lot of good news and we've made it easy for you to share in the joy.

Local worship band releases new EP

The band known as Bread We Break is sharing four new refreshing singles with their young adult audience. 

Alexander Grant is the frontman for the band, that couples as a worship event also known as Bread We Break.

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Christian groups launch new global network to step up efforts in fight against human trafficking

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and the European Freedom Network (EFN) have announced the launch of a new global network to fight human trafficking.

An estimated 43 million people worldwide are caught up in this modern form of slavery, in which women, men and children are exploited, bought and sold for economic gain.

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Wildlife Haven expecting to help 3,000 animals by end of year

What started as a volunteer collective is now the only wildlife hospital in Manitoba.

In the town of Ile des Chenes, Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre opens its doors to furry and feathered patients from all parts of the province. Each year thousands of animals make their way to the facility and this year, their executive director is anticipating even more.

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Canada announcing $10 a day childcare spaces for Manitobans

A dream is "about to become a reality" for parents in need of child care as the provincial and federal governments join in agreement for future fee reductions for young children.

Looking larger than life standing in a YMCA/YWCA playroom's, surrounded by children's play kitchen and toys, Canada’s Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Ahmed Hussen and Manitoba's Minister of Families Rochelle Squires are signing an agreement with the hopes of making childcare more affordable and accessible. 

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Brandon Heath opens up about music and fatherhood

Nashville-native Brandon Heath has been writing and performing Christian music for over a decade, but his new music reaches even deeper when it comes to sharing the depth of God's love. 

"I didn't become a dad until I was 39, and then we had our second when I was 41 so I kind of had a late start in fatherhood. I've always had this capacity to love, but when I became a dad it was like this whole new compartment of my soul was accessed," says Heath. 

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Smoky air shouldn't stop brilliant meteor shower

Star gazers across Manitoba can enjoy the Perseid meteor shower this week despite the recent forest fires. 

"Every year from around mid-July to late August we plow through a debris field left by a comet named Swift Tuttle. That comes around every 133 years," says Gord Tulloch, the Vice President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Winnipeg Centre.

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Faith-filled highlights of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Many of the world's greatest athletes are praising God as this year's Olympics came to a close.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 ended on Sunday evening with many Christ-followers taking home medals.

Canadian running champion Andre De Grasse thanking God after his one gold and two bronze medals.

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Bible camp directors 'overwhelmed' from support after 2 daughters die in crash

A community is surrounding a family with love after the tragic loss of two teens.

A vehicle being driven by a 17-year-old Sophie Goertzen, with her 15-year-old sister Acacia Goerzen in the passenger seat, was travelling near Ste. Agathe on Sunday, August 8 when it entered the intersection and was struck by a northbound semi. St. Pierre RCMP responded to a report of a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 75 and Provincial Road 305.

Jared Fast started a GoFundMe page on Monday afternoon to help with the funeral costs. With a goal of $15,000, people from all over responded immediately, and in 20 hours, $43,120 was already raised.

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Providence glad to host golf tournament in full swing

With the government's recently lifted restrictions, a Christian college had its best turnout to date for their golf tournament fundraiser. 

The Providence University College and Theological Seminary held the Providence Classic golf tournament at Quarry Oaks outside of Steinbach on August 10. It helps raise funds for scholarships for the Christian college. 

"We have over 160 golfers which is the most we've ever had," says Gina Turnbull, one of the organizers for the August 10th event. 

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Strangers save drowning man

A Manitoba woman is being hailed a hero, and rightly so.

While Anna Kochie and her friend, Wryan, were camping over the August long weekend at Wild Oaks near Richer, Man., their turtle watching was interrupted by calls for help, and it was coming from the water.

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South African firefighters touch down in Winnipeg

Firefighters fill the once-empty airport halls with music as they make their grand entrance into the province.

More than one hundred men and women from South Africa will be helping tame the fires ravaging parts of Manitoba.

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52nd GMA Dove announcing nominees, back to in-person event

Elevation Worship has received the most nominations for the 2021 GMA Dove Awards with nine. 

On August 11, 2021, the 52nd Gospel Music Association (GMA) made their 2021 Dove Awards nominations announcement via Facebook Live and YouTube. 

Some of Elevation Worship's nominations are two for Song of the Year including 'The Blessing' and 'Graves into Gardens', Artist of the Year, as well as Spanish Language Recorded Song of the Year.

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Big Daddy Weave's bass player's prayers answered after going to ICU

After another health scare caused him to come off the road, the bass player of Big Daddy Weave is now out of hospital and recovering at home. 

On August 5 the family and band asked for prayers as their bassist Jason (Jay) Weaver was in such severe pain from his dialysis treatment side effects and infection that he was admitted into the hospital. 

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Classes dance into The Forks with the RWB

The classes may be called pop-ups, but that's not the only movement going on with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School.

At The Forks on Wednesday afternoon, clouds cleared in time for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (RWBS) to host the first of its free weekly dance lessons under the canopy of the CN Stage.

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Awakened by grace: The healing power of faith

We've all suffered losses of varying degrees. Grief is normal. But in some cases, grief becomes chronic, and when it’s compounded by guilt, it can seem nearly impossible to resolve.

Awakened by Grace is the latest book by Christian author Darlene West. In this new book, Darlene explores deeper themes of guilt and self-condemnation. West used her own journey through unspeakable tragedy to make the book that much more impactful.

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Children's Hospital Foundation teams up with Indigenous Advisory Circle

With 50 to 70 per cent of the patients at the Children's Hospital being First Nations, the hospital is committed to working towards truth and reconciliation. 

Rebecca Chartrand is the chair of the Indigenous Advisory Circle (IAC) with the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. 

"In conversation with Stefano Grande, the President and CEO of the foundation, about their desire to work towards reconciliation, meant bringing on an Indigenous Board Member. I am their first," says Chartrand.

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Siloam Mission's new centre celebrating a year, opening new areas

The Buhler Centre at Siloam Mission is celebrating one year of more space and compassion towards those facing homelessness. 

"The opening of the Buhler Centre came at just the right time for us. The biggest part of it was being able to have more space in our shelter as we were facing potentially reducing the number of people we could have because of COVID," says Luke Thiessen, the Communications Manager at Siloam Mission.

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Lily Meschi: A story of hope and restoration

Lily Meschi grew up in a Muslim family in Tehran, Iran. When she was just 16 years old her parents decided to migrate to Europe to escape their bankrupt business.

As a teenager, moving from Iran to Germany was a complete culture shock for Meschi. She had to learn a new language, adopt an unfamiliar lifestyle, make new friends and attempt to fit in the German crowds, which caused her significant amounts of insecurity.

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LISTEN: We Are Messengers team up with Josh Baldwin on new single

As they're known for, We Are Messengers is releasing a new uplifting and anthemic single, 'God You Are.'

"We’ve all drifted pretty far from shore at times, and we’ve all needed rescuing. His salvation is the Port and Jesus is the vessel that rescues us from the wild seas of separation from God," the band says of their new single the day of the release.

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Winnipeg Jets lobbying for Honourary Dale Hawerchuk Way

Mark Chipman says he is "really blessed" to honour Dale Hawerchuk as he gives an emotional speech, highlighting tributes to his late friend. 

A series of tributes to the Winnipeg Jets' heritage, including honouring the late Dale Hawerchuk, are being unveiled, says the Executive Chairman and Governor of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club and TNSE.

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