Brother's Luke and Joel Smallbone, lead singers of For King & Country, have announced they have two movie projects on the way that highlight family. 

The Smallbone family comes from Australia originally, and three of the couple's nine children are well known in the Christian music industry. This includes the two brothers in For King & Country, as well as their sister, Rebecca St. James. 

The first movie project is a documentary about For King & Country's journey into making music as a profession called Return to Sydney, according to The Hollywood Reporter

This project is still in production mode and has another family members hands on it. Return to Sydney is being directed by brother Ben Smallbone of Radiate Films.

A second movie coming out is about the whole Smallbone family, called Unsung Hero. The Christian 'family dramedy' takes viewers from Australia to America, watching Helen Smallbone rely on God and her faith to help raise nine children in a new country. 

"With the great partnership of Monarch Media and Radiate Films, we're inviting you to join our family's radical journey. With thousands of hours of home camera footage, captivating interviews from key partners and friends, and a defining show at Sydney's Opera House, we're pulling back the curtain on our lives like never before," Joel and Luke Smallbone said in a statement.

For King & Country are set to go on tour later this fall. While Luke had vocal surgery at the end of May, things went well and the show will go on.

After nine years stepping back from the limelight, St.James has emerged onto the Christian music scene once more, releasing her latest album Dawn in July 2020 all the while expecting her third child a few months later. 

There is no release date for either film project yet.