The team at Adult & Teen Challenge Super Thrift were the first recipients of the CHVN Chicken Chef lunch break, being blessed for their hard work.

The CHVN crew brought a whole meal for the group of people working at the St. James Super Thrift location. While they were closed for a portion of time during the pandemic, they are back up and running from 9:30 am until 8:00 pm weekdays and until 6:00 pm on Saturday. 

"Christina to the front, please. We have a situation," said Andre, one of the staff in the ATC program, over the intercom. This was right after Sylvia St.Cyr from CHVN walked in carrying a big box of food.

While all the patrons looked toward the front of the store, St.Cyr clarified, it was "a good situation," and everyone chuckled.

Some of the staff members are currently in the ATC one-year program, working hard to create a better future for themselves. 

"I work with the men every day in the program they work humbly as they sort and hang clothing. I get to watch them grow every day in Christ as they overcome their past," says Christina Gray. She nominated the group.

To nominate a deserving small group for the next Chicken Chef lunch break, click here