An Iraqi man says he's alive today despite ISIS terrorists best efforts to kill him because Jesus answered his prayers. 

Sean Feucht from Bethel Music recently released a trailer from his upcoming film, Heart and Hands: Iraq. Feucht travelled the world to shoot a documentary, hearing stories of people persecuted for their Christian faith. In the trailer release, an Iraqi man shares his miraculous story with Feucht.

"They burned me, but I didn't burn"

The man told Feucht that Jesus appeared to him twice in visions. While the man wouldn't say what Jesus told him in the visions because "it's a promise between me and Christ."

However, the man recounts an incredible story of being protected from members of ISIS who tried to kill him for following Jesus.

He says that he was first stoned by a group of ISIS members but that the heavy blocks and stones that hit him had no effect on him.

Next, the terrorists poured 20 gallons of gasoline or kerosene over him. "And they burned me, but I didn't burn.

Iraq had an estimated 1.5 million Christians in 2003 before the United States invasion. It is now believed only 200,000 remain.