Once Katy Perry's backup singer, Tasha Layton continues to release songs of hope and identity in Christ. 

"Life is full of accusations. 'You’re not good enough. You really messed that up'. Or, 'how could you have done that?' Accusation is a tool used to bind us and keep us from being who God made us to be," says Layton on her Facebook page the day her new single was released. 

'Look What You've Done' is the brand new single from the CCM artist, released April 16, 2021. 

"But the good news of the Gospel is THIS… It’s doesn’t matter what we’ve done! All of humanity falls short. No matter how deep our sin goes, God’s love goes deeper," says Layton. 

Before her time with Perry, Layton appeared on Season 9 of American Idol. She has also served as an instructor at the National Praise and Worship Institute at Nashville’s Trevecca Nazarene University.

"So when a finger is pointed at you trying to shame you (even your own)... lift your head and proclaim His truth over your life, whatever that might be," she says. 

The wife and mother of two sings her songs of hope for her fans as well as an anthem for her family.

In a previous interview with New Release Today, Layton says, "My husband and I have both passed the point in our lives of just writing any song. We want our music to speak to what people are going through. Music that ministers to them."