Grammy-award-winning Christian rock band Switchfoot is releasing new music, a little different than fans are used to. 

"This is an album we made to be Switchfoot, not anyone else," says lead singer Jon Foreman. 

The band sat together and live-streamed to their YouTube channel to answer fans' questions about the new song, 'I Need You (to Be Wrong)' and the upcoming album. 

"I don't think this album would have been made without the year we had," Foreman says in reference to recording during the pandemic. 

Their first single from the album they released is 'I Need You (to Be Wrong)' and went live on May 13, 2021.

"I began writing this song more than a decade ago, during a season of personal friction. Insecurity. Doubt. Fear. Inspired by the tale of Mr. Hyde, asking: Who can I trust? Who am I? Years later, the song remained as unfinished as the questions themselves, but it began speaking to us ways that it never had before. And so we began the process of finishing it," says Switchfoot in an interview with The Christian Beat

The song is much more toned down than many of their previous rock songs. However, the band assured their fans on the live stream that their new album will have heavier songs on it.

Their producer, Erick Frost, says, "We just came in here and we were like, Let's just make some real 'vibey' stuff."

Switchfoot also recently announced that they will be going on a U.S. tour with NEEDTOBREATHE.