Residents of Swan River are no longer being asked to conserve water.

A state of local emergency was declared on Sunday after pump issues prevented water from wells getting to the town's water treatment plant.

According to deputy mayor Lance Jacobson, the town announced this morning two wells were operating and the town was able to remove its conserve water request.

"Everything right now is pretty much back to normal. There's still some ongoing work that is going on at the well sites right now, but everything is back to normal," said Jacobson earlier this afternoon.

Jacobson said residents did a good job of conserving water, which was necessary to make sure there was water in their reservoir, both to maintain pressure in their distribution system and to provide water in case of a fire.

"The reservoir really didn't change that much," said Jacobson.

The town says in a news release there's a long list of people to thank.

"Our biggest thank you is to the residents, obviously, and to the business community for their efforts, as well as (those) who donated and gave food and so forth to our employees and volunteers, and to everybody who gave good words of encouragement and all that," said Jacobson, who also gave credit to the people who worked to fix the problem. "I've been saying this over and over: our front-line guys are out there to establish what the problem was and to get it repaired. These guys were working in minus-31 degree temperatures some of those days."

The town reminds residents there continues to be no boil water advisory in effect.