The province says officers have handed out 32 tickets to Manitobans for breaking the Public Health Orders.

A suspect is facing charges after a February 19 assault on a COVID-19 enforcement officer.

"The public is reminded that abusive and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated, and criminal offences will be reported to police and investigated," the province says in a statement.

They could not provide further details.

From March 15-21, 32 tickets and 52 warnings were given by COVID-19 enforcement officers. Of the 32 tickets, 26 were to individuals for various offences and four for not wearing a mask while at indoor public places. Gatherings in private residences or outdoors are included in 17 of the 26 individual tickets.

Two businesses were ticketed.

"Officials note that most Manitobans are doing their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ticket numbers continue to generally decline. However, education and enforcement remain necessary in some instances. Some public health orders remain in effect and Manitobans are reminded to stick to the fundamentals of physical distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask."

In the past year, 3,492 warnings and 1,082 tickets have been issued for not following the Public Health Orders by some of the 3,300 authorized personnel in Manitoba, including police officers.