Manitoba's Premier says Manitobans will "get through this together" as he announces financial supports.

The latest round of restrictions is affecting Manitoban families and businesses.

"Despite these collective efforts we are in a race between the variant and the vaccine," Premier Brian Palliser says about the closures.

Some support will be present for businesses, including restaurants.



A fourth round of the Manitoba Bridge Grant is coming to local businesses.

Pallister says a fourth $5,000 payment is being given to eligible businesses as soon as Friday that are affected by the latest wave of Public Health Orders. Restaurants will be given $7,000. This affects approximately 1,800 restaurants.

"We know the bills keep coming. we know that we can not possibly make up for the hardships that have devastated our country, world, but what we can do is offer significant financial support," Pallister says in a Monday-morning press conference. 

The Dine-In Restaurant Relief program is getting $2 million more, to be used to help restaurants shift to delivery.

Pallister is encouraging Manitobans to order from small businesses. 

"We have a few tough weeks ahead of us. We are together in this," Pallister says, encouraging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The province says more than $75 million is being given during this round.

Previously, a paid COVID-19-related sick leave program and youth job supports were announced.



There are no supports being introduced for parents affected by the school closures in Winnipeg and Brandon. When asked about supports, the province says child care facilities are remaining open in these cities, but they discourage school-aged children to attend these facilities.

Pallister says caregivers can use the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit. There is no provincial support.

If parents cannot stay home, they will need to send their school-aged children to child care, which is being discouraged by Public Health. The Premier says the province has created hundreds of childcare spaces in the past year.

School closures will last until at least May 30, but could extend further.