Instead of sitting in a classroom, Courtney Masson is finishing her last year as a nursing student helping front-line workers screen for COVID-19.

As University of Manitoba's classes are moving online, many young people are stepping up to help, including Masson.

Instead of doing nothing, Masson decided she wanted to help and volunteered to take phone calls to help screen for COVID-19. 

She says that coincidentally her class was covering community health this semester before the sudden change. Masson was scheduled to do a placement this semester but plans changed quickly after the news of COVID-19.

"We switched to now volunteer our time at Health Links," Masson says. "The students have been enjoying that to be able to health out because Health Links has been overwhelmed with phone calls."

Masson says that this may not be the first time she experiences something like this in her lifetime, but that she is glad she has been able to experience how everyone is responding to the public health outbreak.

"I like seeing how all of our healthcare is pulling together. It is just amazing," she adds.

Masson says that she has been trying to distance herself to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and staying home as much as possible.