Three residents of a care facility are in hospital and another nine received care at home after several emergency calls brought four ambulances and a paramedic chief to the building.

The City of Winnipeg says on Friday night at 7:10 p.m., the City of Winnipeg received a 911 call from Maples Personal Care Home. 

Two minutes after the initial call, a second 911 call from Maples Personal Care Home was received.

Paramedic crews from the first call arrived and transported patients from the first call to the hospital. 

A District Chief of Paramedic Operations and a second ambulance with two paramedics arrived to respond to the second call. The paramedics then assessed 11 patients for almost five hours. At this time, two more ambulances responded, transporting two more patients to the hospital. 

Crews left the care home before 2 a.m.

In total, 12 people were assessed and three people transported to the hospital. Of three people who were transported, one was in critical condition and two in stable condition. The city says a number of other patients were additionally treated on scene.

Mayor Brian Bowman released a statement on Twiter, saying "The WFPS attended Maples PCH last night and City staff have been in contact with the WRHA and Shared Health identifying concerns for their attention and action. Thank you to WFPS personnel for ongoing efforts."


This is an ongoing story. CHVN has reached out to the WRHA and Revera Inc. for more information. The two are holding a press conference on Saturday evening.