Warm temperatures will continue but combined with high humidity, there's a likelihood of some stormy weather to begin the weekend.

"It's definitely an unsettled start to the weekend for the city of Winnipeg, and for much of southern Manitoba," C-MOS accredited weathercaster Chris Sumner tells us.

But the potential for stormy weather actually spreads much further than just the provincial capital region.

"There is a severe weather risk essentially right from the Saskatchewan to Ontario border for the southern part of Manitoba."

Of course, weather models can change, and change often on the Canadian prairies. But as of right now it appears that rain and thunderstorms are a likelihood for later Friday evening.

It's not all bad news, thankfully. Rain and thundershowers are possible still for the start of Saturday, but then strong westerly winds will push the storm system out of southern Manitoba. 

"Overall it's a pretty seasonable weekend, and be an enjoyable one. We just have to keep in mind that for tonight we may see some severe thunderstorm activity," Sumner said.

If you're looking for some fun this weekend (and a chance to win some prizes), make sure to find us as we're out and about in Winnipeg this week.

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