The City of Steinbach has come up with another way to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday in July. Mayor Chris Goertzen says it involves people gathering in the new plaza in front of the T.G. Smith Centre and sampling street food.

"For the month of July, every Thursday there's going to be a food truck festival happening at the plaza along Stony Brook. Canada turns 150 years old this July, so to celebrate that we want to bring people together. The plaza was

2017 04 food truck fair inset
built to connect people and to be a gathering space and what better way to do that than with a bit of food and a bit of fun."

He notes the location of the plaza, along Stony Brook, is a key part of Steinbach's history.

"This is where we first connected as 18 families when Steinbach was started over 100 years ago. Now Canada is turning 150 so let's enjoy the plaza, let's enjoy some food and connect with our neighbours."

Goertzen says participating food vendors will require permits as they do for any other location in the city.

Vendors can get more information on the city's website.