Sri Lankan Christians still struggle to attend church after easter bombings.

The group of targeted attacks by Islamic extremists killed more than 250 people and left 300 injured in churches and hotels across the country, reports Premier.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), a Catholic charity, says that security has increased in vulnerable areas, but believers still feel fear of more attacks.

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ACN spokesperson Citra Abbott says, "The community is definitely scared. And not least because a number of the attackers remain at large and add to that the fact that the government failed to act on intelligence prior to the attacks.

"Military presence is actually huge, especially in churches. But people don't trust the government because violence against Christians by Hindu and Buddhist extremists in any case, is by and large ignored by the government."

Concerns of religious persecution continue to grow within the Sri Lankan Christian community as the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka confirms that sharing one's faith is not protected under the country's religious freedom.

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Abbott says, "In spite of the fear, the faith there is strong and many feel that their faith has been strengthened despite being either a victim themselves in the attack or losing friends and family."