As vehicles sit in driveways, a local business owner is sharing advice on vehicle maintenance during the pandemic, including if it is the right time to switch to summer tires.

Most of Manitoba's population are working from home and are not using their vehicle as often as usual.

Chris Hudson, the owner of OK Tire in Transcona, says that while we are not using our vehicles as often as normal, it is important to keep them in good shape for when Manitoba returns to business as usual or even just for running a quick errand.

"The safest mode of transport is our own vehicles."

Vehicles going for a grocery run once a week will help keep vehicles running and avoid issues such as dead batteries or leaks caused by sitting vehicles.

"If your vehicle is being parked for a long period of time, it is still a good idea to start it and run it for about 15 minutes every week or so," he says. "What can happen is gaskets inside the engine can dry up and this can cause leaks down the road

Hudson says that it is important to keep up with spring maintenance to avoid larger issues in the future.

"The safest mode of transport is our own vehicles," Hudson says. "Keeping up on our maintenance gives you the peace of mind that when we do need our vehicles, it will be reliable."

Hudson adds that it is too cold right now to switch to winter tires due to the late spring. Once temperatures are regularly over ten degrees, he says changing your tires will help your winter tires last longer, but it is not currently recommended for people in Winnipeg.

OK Tire is Transcona is considered an essential service and has been taking extra precautions to help prevent the spread. 

"Keeping our staff and our customers safe is our number one priority," Husdon says. "What we are also doing is providing vehicle inspections directly to mobile devices to reduce (face-to-face) interaction."

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Husdon says OK Tire sanitizes vehicles as well as the keys when they enter and leave the shop.

"It was tough but necessary," Hudson says about the sudden changes.

Due to changing protocols from the providence, Hudson says his store has been keeping up with the daily press conferences so they can continue to keep their workers and customers safe.