Dozens of volunteers are preparing to search for a second day for a missing snowmobiler who went missing Sunday evening.

RCMP, firefighters, and dozens of snowmobilers spent Monday scouring the bushes in and around Whiteshell Provincial Park looking for a rider named Danny Lemay.

According to Snoman Executive Director Yvonne Rideout, the rider somehow became detached from the group he was riding with. He was first declared missing this morning.

“The rider left Pinewood Lodge last night around 9 p.m. en route to Rennie and he possibly ran out of gas and we know the last call he made he said his cell phone was going dead,” she says. “We hope that he stayed with his sled because it would be easier to spot rather than one individual out there walking around.”

She says the present balmy temperatures definitely work in Lemay's favour.

“If this had been last weekend when we were in the polar vortex, this would have been detrimental for sure, we are just hoping that he is found and that he is safe.”

Rideout says Snoman Incorporated, is the umbrella organization for all of the 53 snowmobile clubs in Manitoba and is serving as the headquarters as the search continues. So far, they have not received word of any leads, however, crews plan to continue searching until Lemay is located.

Volunteers will be registering at Pinewood Lodge Tuesday morning between 8 and 9 a.m.