A rural Manitoba author is raising money to self-publish his new book about the incredible journey he has taken in his faith.

Marcus Peter Rempel, an author from Ploughshares Community Farm in Brokenhead, Manitoba, is raising funds for his new book Life at the End of Us Verses Them: cross/culture/stories.

Rempel says we have typically formed an 'us' and fought against a made-up 'them'. He says that isn't able to happen anymore, even though it's all humans have ever done.

"We've never really known how to be a community that isn't against those outsiders out there."

Many people choose Christianity as the easy way, Rempel says, but points out, "if you faith to be a safe haven, I almost want to say 'I'm sorry, Christianity isn't for you.' It's a dangerous road out of the security of our comforts"

Rempel says that his family gave him the chance to write this book and he is choosing to self-publish because the roylties offered were not enough to justify the hours his family gave him.

"I feel like writing the book was such a gift for me," Rempel said. "It gave me time to think through how the pieces fit together."

A familiar name, Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christian, wrote the foreword and described it as "...gems of brilliance left and right, on a range of subjects as wide as the Manitoba sky." McLaren was rated by Time Magazine as one of America's 25 most influential Christian leaders. 

You can check out the full project on his KickStarter page and learn more about the author and the book.