Manitoba's top doctor is pleased to see the hard work of Manitobans paying off in daily COVID-19 case numbers.

While the province is not out of the woods yet, Dr. Brent Roussin is glad to see the situation in Manitoba improving.

On Friday. Roussin extended the Public Health Orders an additional two weeks after becoming concerned over COVID-19 cases stemming from holiday gatherings. On Monday, Roussin shared in a press conference that he was pleased to see the numbers continue to trend in the right direction.

"Today's numbers are encouraging," he says. "A testament to the hard work of Manitobans."

Since cases continue to decline, residents can expect to be able to provide feedback on the health orders this week.

"We are hoping to do that as soon as we can this week. And with that, we want to have a well-developed type of survey and get some information from Manitobans. We are looking to see what Manitobans priorities are."

The doctor says all topics will be open for discussion, including businesses reopening. 

"We do have to make choices. We are not going to be in a position to lift everything at once."

Roussin says engagement from Manitobans will play a key role in reopening businesses, noting that they are hoping to hear from Manitoban business owners.

The doctor says they want to give businesses notice before reopening. This will give them time to schedule staff, purchase products, and ensure the facility is safe. Roussin says he wants to be able to give businesses an idea of when they can reopen.

The current Public Health orders are set to expire on January 22.

When feedback is open to the public, the survey will be available here.