According to new research, there is a significant positive impact from attending Christian high schools on outcomes in regards to family, involvement, and in giving. 

Cardus is a Christian based organization that provides research, events, and publications to enrich and challenge public debate in North America. Their latest synopsis of Canadian Christian schools shows many positive facts regarding their graduates.

Cam Kroeker, the high school counsellor at Faith Academy in Winnipeg, says that it comes from the unique opportunities a Christian education provides.

"Part of the reason is that there are a lot of opportunities given to Christian school students as far as getting involved and taking leadership. They are able to find their faith and their identity in Christ."

The same research also shows that Christian high school graduates are more committed to religious and spiritual obligations, more likely to see their life work in
religious terms, they're more likely to have a stronger family bond, and they're more likely to exercise devotional/prayer time.

Kroeker says, "When they're hearing and seeing these things modelled in the staff, chapels, classrooms, then it's being reinforced. In the formal setting, getting counsel, and asking questions . . . They say the school and the community is actually like a family. We have house groups that we try to build in the community and promote 'family' as well as create a family type setting with peer mentoring. Students can find hope and encouragement here in dealing with things at home too."

Students at Faith Academy are living proof that these strengths are being taught and that it's working, Kroeker says. "Some of our kids come from a strong family background and church background, but there are so many exceptions. We talk about breaking negative cycles with students. We encourage them to come out of that which can take time.

"It's a really exciting thing when they come out of that and can help break the cycle in their families and for their lives. It's not just because you're born into a Christian family. There are exceptions to that rule, which is exciting to see."

Christian graduates are more likely to marry and have children. Kroeker thinks its because "of the positive family aspect. It's a healthy promotion of family in school that would trickle down to the kids. Because our school is so small, they have really good access to staff who know them well and have sweeter rich opportunities to get involved. People who normally wouldn't have opportunity actually do because they feel more confident and can come out of their shell."

The full CARDUS education survey can be found here.