The Rent Assist program in Manitoba is getting a cut in the new budget, which could impact local homeless shelters.

With Rent Assist programming cuts, the impact could trickle down to ministries like Union Gospel Mission.

"The impact of the cut to the Rent Assist program will directly have an impact on a couple of our ministries," Frank Ulrich, executive director for UGM said. "One is our street ministry."

Around 100 individuals use UGM for their lunch and supper programs. These individuals don't have enough money to pay for food, shelter, or clothing, and these cuts may result in more individuals coming to UGM to meet their needs.

The other ministry that will be impacted is UGM's family ministry, where the rent cut will make money tighter for these families than it already is.

"Generally speaking, we are full most days of the month," Ulrich said. "I think a change like this could spike the numbers up to the maximum every day." Ulrich also said it could cause families to require greater assistance for household items.

UGM remains committed to helping these individuals, regardless of cuts to the Rent Assist program.