Before the Christian awards show took place in person for the first time in two years, the Christian artists and their guests walked the red carpet.

The Christian Beat was there interviewing singers/songwriters about the past year and upcoming music projects. 

"It's been a really interesting creation process," says Joel Smallbone of For King & Country, when asked about the new album. "For the first time, all four of us [referencing Luke and the wives] have been home. Being emotionally, relationally, spiritually charged and then being able to make the recording process 9 to 5 rather than being in the dressing room or back lounge of a tour bus, that's been really beautiful."

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For King & Country's new album, What Are We Waiting For, is being released March 11 next year. While the band only released a Christmas album in 2020, they still had six Dove Award nominations.

"I feel like when I'm on a bus and I'm with these guys every day, I'm truly thankful that I don't have to do this alone because if I'm a jerk, they just call me out on it," says Taylor Cain.

The band made up of three siblings, CAIN had been nominated for New Artist Of The Year.

"Honestly we have not stopped because we needed the worship ourselves," says a member of Elevation Worship. "Obviously everyone has had their own version of the last year and a half. Pastor Steven [Furtick] and Chris [Brown] they are just right there with the idea that we need to push the envelope a little bit."

Clearly pushing the envelope is working because Elevation Worship had the most nominations coming into the GMA awards night. 

"I love seeing the younger talent and artists get to express themselves," says Lecrae who came to support Hulvey and Svrcina. Their collaboration, 'Reasons', came out in February earlier this year. 

"In my heart, bor, God's healed me from a lot of stuff in my mind," says Hulvey of what God has done in the past year and a half in his own life. "He's changed my perspective on how I see Him and learning that He's everything."

The GMA awards show is airing tonight at 8:00 pm ET and 10:00 pm ET exclusively on TBN.