Those reporting non-emergency incidents to the RCMP could possibly do it online. 

Following a trial in Selkirk, Red River North, and Grand Marais, RCMP Manitoba is opening up its Online Crime Reporting system to the rest of the province. 

"The system worked extremely well and residents quickly took advantage of this new online tool,” Chief Superintendent Rob Hill, Criminal Operations Officer for the Manitoba RCMP says.

Manitobans can now report a crime to the RCMP online if:

• The crime happened within Manitoba RCMP jurisdiction
• You have lost something that costs less than $5000
• Someone has stolen something from you that costs less than $5000
• Someone has vandalized your property or vehicle and it will cost less than $5000 to repair it

“We’re hoping that by expanding the system province-wide, especially in today’s environment where limiting contact is so critically important, we are giving Manitobans in RCMP jurisdiction a safe, secure and simple way to report crime.”

RCMP say the system will require the person filling out the report to give their name, address, phone number, and email address. They say it takes 15 minutes to complete.

Not all crimes are eligible for online reporting.

The system excludes crimes where:

• There is a witness or suspect
• There are lost or stolen items involving personal identity or firearms
• There are lost or stolen licence plates or decals

These crimes need to be reported to RCMP either in person or by telephone.