It's an exciting weekend, but the RCMP is encouraging people to think about safety on the highways.

Many of us will be driving to friends or family outside the city, or driving into the city for fireworks. More of us are off to the cabin or the lake. While on the roads, the RCMP is encouraging drivers to pay attention and be aware of changes in your surroundings at all times.

Manitoba RCMP has responded to 17 fatal collisions over the past six weeks and every collision was preventable. For your safety and the safety of others, buckle-up, put the phone down, drive sober and slow down.

The RCMP also want families to take precautions while at the lake or even the local pool. Younger children should be within arm's reach of an adult and the use of life jackets is highly recommended for all non-swimmers, while it's mandatory for all pleasure craft operators and passengers.

Please keep it safe and enjoy the long weekend.