Two RCMP cruisers need repairs after crashes in southern, and northern Manitoban cities.

RCMP Manitoba says impaired driving has resulted in two RCMP-involved crashes in two days.

Early Sunday morning officers in Thompson officers were wide awake after a near-miss with another vehicle as they drove to a 6:05 a.m. service call. They say an officer had a close call after another vehicle pulled out in front of them on the road from a parking lot, into oncoming traffic.

"The officer took evasive action to avoid colliding with the vehicle and went onto the curb and snowbank, striking a lamp post. The vehicle did collide with the rear of the police vehicle, but the damage was minimal," RCMP Manitoba says in a statement.

The officer was not injured and immediately went to the other vehicle in the collision, now stopped in the middle of the road. Police say the driver appeared to be impaired, was arrested, and then taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The driver, a 33-year-old man from Thompson, is being charged with Impaired Operation of a Conveyance, and Refusal to Comply with an Alcohol/Drug Demand. He will appear in Thompson court on June 29.

The next evening in Steinbach, RCMP officers experienced a similar situation. Officers were told a driver may be impaired and began patrolling northbound on Old Tom Road. While driving, a vehicle began approaching them head-on as they swerved from the southbound lane to the northbound, where the RCMP cruiser was established. 

"The officer driving took immediate evasive action and veered to the right. The vehicle struck the rear driver side door of the RCMP vehicle."

The officers then went up to the driver, finding him uninjured but visibly impaired. The driver was discovered to have alcohol levels doubling the legal limit.

"As this collision marks the second time in two days that an RCMP vehicle was struck by an impaired driver, the police would like to emphasize the dangers of impaired driving," RCMP Manitoba says. "A small decision can have great consequences - make the choice to drive sober so everyone can stay safe on the road."

They say each year RMCP responds to many crashes where impaired driving was a factor including 150 crashes and 45 deaths.