Dozens of Christians, including children, are dead after multiple attacks on villages in Nigeria.

Fulani herdsmen are alleged to be responsible for the violent attacks.

Several villages, all located in Nigeria's Plateau State, experienced armed jihadist herdsmen attacking believers in recent weeks, CBN News reports.

Solomon Mandiks, an area resident and Christian rights activist, told Morning Star News that 14 Christians from Kwi village in Riyom County were "butchered to death" last Sunday, including eight members of one family.

Another attack on the same day left eight Christians dead in Dong village in Jos North County.

A member of the local Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) congregation, Asabe Samuel, says she heard gunfire near her home while she was by the central area of the village.

"I heard Fulani gunmen shooting around my house," Samuel says. "This forced us to run and hide."

Samuel says she heard the attackers yelling as they retreated and communicating in the Fulani language.

ECWA pastor Jonathan Kyoomnom Bala, says police came the morning after the attack, which had lasted about 40 minutes. No police responded to the attack as it was happening.

The pastor says security agencies are not doing enough to stop attacks.

"While the attack was going on, I phoned one of the security agents, and he told me they were doing something about it, but they did nothing," the pastor says.

"It's traumatic to witness such deadly incidents of this nature."

The Fulani herdsmen are typically Muslim extremists who target Christians in villages across Nigeria.

In another attack on May 19, eight Christians were killed and a church was burned in the West African country's Kaduna State.

Commissioner Gary L. Bauer described Nigeria as a "killing field" of Christians in the 2021 annual report The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom's (USCIRF).