Recycling is going to get easier for campers and cottagers in Manitoba.


Recycle Everywhere is going to be providing 30,000 bin bags to all Manitoba cottages and seasonal sites, and 200,000 clear recycling bags will be given to all provincial, municipal, and private campgrounds for overnight campers.

The province and Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association are teaming up for the initiative, along with two others: increased recycling in government-owned buildings up north, and a challenge for property managers and owners to order free bins for their buildings and commercial spaces.

The initiatives were announced at a press conference at the Legislature yesterday.

Sustainable development minister Cathy Cox says it's about accessibility.

"If you make it easy for people, they will do it. And by giving them the opportunity to actually recycle in their own campsite, in their cottage (or) whatever, you're giving them that ability to recycle and get it done quickly and easily."

The CBCRA says it is committed to reaching a government-mandated target of recovering 75 per cent of beverage containers sold in Manitoba. Executive director Ken Friesen says at the end of 2015 the number was at 65 per cent.

Recycle Everywhere is implemented and operated by the CBCRA.

Tom Thiessen, executive director of Building Owners and Managers Association of Manitoba, also spoke at yesterday's announcement. He says BOMA will strongly encourage its member firms "to introduce Recycle Everywhere bins in every single office, institutional and retail building in their portfolios."