As a midfielder, Mosi Williams is accustomed to helping his teammates advance the ball and create goalscoring chances. He knows what it’s like to provide an assist, and he also acknowledges the assistance he’s received over the years as a promising soccer player.

Foremost among his positive influences has been his dad.

“He just kind of encourages me to play,” says Williams. “Soccer is his favourite sport, so it just sort of became mine, too.”

Williams, who has won back-to-back provincial titles with the Golden Valley Collegiate Zodiacs, also credits high school coach Chad Bergen with both his and the team’s success.

“He’s a very good coach, and he’s coached me since I moved here in Grade 7,” Williams explains. “He’s one of the only coaches I’ve had here. He’s a positive guy and he can also get pretty tough on us. He wants us to do well.”

Then there’s Providence University College Pilots coach Giovanni Benitez Friesen.

“I just connected with him,” says Williams. “I went to Preview Prov, and then I got to talk to him a bit about the team.”

After graduating this spring, Williams hopes to play university-level soccer next season. For the time being, however, his focus is solely on the Zodiacs.

“We have a very talented team,” he says. “Most of the guys my age have played together for a long time. It’s been fun.”

A self-described unselfish player, Williams says he enjoys the team mentality of soccer – a sport in which “you can’t do it alone.” He values his role in the centre of the park, where he gets to be involved in much of the build-up play. And, despite playing multiple sports over the years, he’s putting all his effort exclusively into soccer this season.

“It just feels good to dribble the ball and kick it around,” he says. “I don’t really know anything specific that has made me like it so much. I just enjoy it.”

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