A father and son, dressed in plaid, are driving through the prairies to their home in Ontario as a way to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Gord Steed and his son James are driving from Edmonton to their home in Stratford, Ontario under the banner of Plaid for Dad, a campaign by Prostate Cancer Canada.

Gord is a prostate cancer survivor. It was James' idea to get onboard with the Plaid for Dad campaign, but Gord says the trip has been a bucket list item for him for decades.

Gord says he's found that people in this part of the country are more willing to talk about prostate cancer than they are where he's from.

"It's been really an eye-opener to me, and really encouraging. Men out here speak about prostate cancer openly. Back in Ontario, maybe it's -- Stratford's a comparatively smaller community -- but a lot of my friends -- men just don't want to talk about it."

Gord had his operation 16 years ago. He is telling men to get tested. Similarly, Prostate Cancer Canada recommends men over 40 get a PSA test to establish their baseline.

"Don't hesitate, you need that number," says Gord.

James says it means a lot to be able to do this. At a business conference in Edmonton, he decided instead of driving west, they would fly west and drive back east. He purchased the vehicle they're using for the trip in Edmonton, for his business. It's decked out in Plaid for Dad labels.

The two say they've gone from Edmonton through Drumheller, then went to Medicine Hat over to Swift Current, then Moose Jaw to Regina, and then Regina to Winnipeg, which was one of the longest drives so far. They set out from The Forks this morning for Thunder Bay, eventually making their way back home to Stratford.

You can learn more about the Plaid for Dad campaign here.