Officers say a woman believed to have started a fire that led to the destruction of several family homes is in their custody.

Officers in Portage la Prairie say on Tuesday, they brought a 24-year-old woman into custody, charging her with Assault with a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose, Uttering Threats, and Being Unlawfully in a Dwelling.

Officers recalled that the woman was known to be at a residence on 3rd Street NW that had just burnt down early that morning, along with several other family units. There were no injuries from that fire.

At the scene, investigators saw a large amount of garbage on the porch, believing the fire to be suspicious. 

Officers then learnt that the woman had been lighting the garbage on the porch on fire, causing the flames.

The suspect is now being charged with Arson with Disregard for Human Life and Arson with Damage to Property in addition to her previous charges.