Homeowners are being warned to be aware of people knocking on doors with "nefarious" intentions.

The Winnipeg Police Service says it is aware of many scam attempts in Winnipeg, including a recent phone call scam claiming to be Manitoba Hydro, and people walking door to door canvassing homes.

The WPS wants people to be aware that these scams can occur and are suggesting ways that can help prevent people from becoming a victim.

"If you are not comfortable answering your door, don't."

Constable Brian Wurm from the Winnipeg Police Service advocates for people to use doorbell cameras and leaving lights on in the house to make it appear as if someone is home. 

One of the ways people determine if a home is currently occupied is by going door-to-door, claiming to be part of a particular organization.

"If you are not comfortable answering your door, don't," Constable Wurm says. "It is your house."

The officer adds that there is a risk of people breaking down your front door, and if it happens, to call the police immediately.

A suspicious person may return to the neighbourhood and if a resident notices this, the Winnipeg Police Service asks that it be reported so they can send a patrol out to the area.