Authorities are looking for two men they saw on a dashboard camera believed to have been involved in the shooting of a 21-year-old.

Winnipeg Police Service Constable Dani McKinnon is sharing a video taken inside a vehicle, saying it captures two suspects and the sound of the gunshots that killed 21-year-old Mohammed Ali near his 800-block of Alfred Avenue home on August 27

"Investigators have been working on the file for approximately nine months," McKinnon says. "It is also at a stage in the investigation that they are asking for some public assistance."

The police are sharing the video in hopes that someone will recognize the suspects, which McKinnon says was an important move.

"These two suspects that we are looking for are responsible for the shooting. So they are coming into the scene, we don't see the victim because it is past the vehicle, of course, and we hear the sound of shots, and then we don't see what takes place after that."


shooting suspectsTwo people captured in a dashcam video are suspects in a homicide. (Screenshot: WPS)


She could not say where the video came from, saying they are protecting the third party who submitted it to police.

"People are not only recognizable by their facial features. People definitely have distinct patterns in their movements, their mannerisms, how they walk, and clothes that they wear repeatedly."

Description includes:

 Suspect #1

  • A male, 5’11” to 6’1” in height
  • Average build
  • Wearing silver-framed glasses
  • Wearing a light coloured jacket, hood up over a dark baseball cap
  • Dark footwear with white soles

 Suspect #2

  • A male, 5’6” to 5’8” in height
  • Obese build
  • Wearing a dark hoodie with what appears to be a white North Face logo
  • Dark pants and dark footwear


She says if these people stood out, to call them at or Crimestoppers, confident someone does know who they are,

Earlier the WPS released an image of a woman, who they say was interviewed by police but could not get into specifics.