Jim and Jacqie Wiseman bless every person they meet, so today they got something in return.

The Wiseman's were nominated by a former congregant of their church who continues to be blessed by them. She wrote:

"Pastor Jim and his wife Jacqie are two of the most giving people I have ever met. We met Jim and Jacqie in early 2013 when my husband and I began attending Walls of Freedom Outreach. We soon realized that their hearts were huge. They are always there with a stretched out hand to pick us up when we have fallen. They would give the shirt off their own backs to help somebody in need. Even though we no longer attend their church they have not stopped helping us. Whether it be helping us move or bringing us a box of food when we're in need. I know that if we ever need counselling or a shoulder to cry on they are one phone call away. We are not the only ones that they treat this way either. If anybody in the congregation needs help or a stranger on the street they are always there with a stretched out hand or a kind word. Jim has been known to drive around the core area during the summer handing out bottles of water or ice cream sandwiches to the homeless or anybody he finds walking down the street. They truly have Godly hearts."